welcome to 1320Forever, your ultimate racing game

Engine Building

1320Forever is meant to bring the best option of Engine Customization to the masses. Tens of thousands of parts, advanced math so its actually difficult to come up with the "max power" a single car can make. Hunt for the best Head to Head setup. Make the most power you can and take a trip down the 1320 with your build. Does it break due to stress, or stay together to get you the goal of the fastest in the world? Only one way to find out...

Car Customization

1320Forever will bring the best options in car customization that we possibly can. Custom Graphic Wraps (stay PG13 please...), Body Kits, Carbon Fiber Stock Part Replacements, Lighter Wheels or Heavier Wheels, Paint Options, Vynil Wraps and so much more! Put your creativity to work and build your dream car!

Be Part of Our Community

1320Forever's goal is to make as many people happy in the racing video game world as we can. With live chat, in-game emoji's, a Discord Server, fan sites and more, there's always a way to stay in contact with your Teams, Rivals and Friends in the game!

Future Features

Advanced Engine Building, Advanced Car Tuning, Endless Car Customization, Hundreds of Wheels, Team Racing, AI Racing, Bracket King of the Hill, Head To Head King of the Hill, Used Car Lot, Used Parts Lot, And much more coming sometime in 2020!