Welcome to 1320Forever!

1320Forever is a game largely based on a game that was once created and produced by a company named CIE Games. The game was named Nitto 1320 Legends. It was a huge succes between the dates of Feb. 2007 to Aug. 2014. The game featured nearly 200 cars, endless customization of both the engine and the physical body of the cars, as well as hours of racing fun. Original Players of this game have been searching ever since its closing for a game even CLOSE to how Legends felt, and I'm here to attempt to give that to everyone.

A Little History...

There's been an outcry for this game to work again ever since 2014. A game named Racing Rivals for Android and iOS was supposed to be the "next stage of life" after Legends. For many of us, it didn't fill the void that Legends left behind. Racing Rivals closed its multiplayer access in Mar. 2019, thus leaving us all scratching our heads as to what to do now. Personally, I was apart of a project called 1320Challenge for a long time. Due to some disagreements with the games direction, I left the project as Legends is where my true feelings lie, and that's why I've started 1320Forever.